Epilepsy Awareness and Practical Seizure Management Course

(Example programme) - 3hr course

Epilepsy Awareness covering:-

  • What is epilepsy
  • Causes of epilepsy
  • Epilepsy Myths and prejudices
  • Types of epilepsy and seizure classification
  • Diagnosis and Treatment of epilepsy
  • Anti epileptic medication and side effects
  • Care Planning and risk assessment
  • Seizure Triggers
  • First Aid for seizures
  • Recognising the emergency situation
  • Social and psychological implications of epilepsy
  • Practical case studies and workshops

At the end of the course, candidates will have:

  • An understanding of epilepsy, its causes and treatment
  • Will have an understanding the effects of epilepsy effects on individuals and families
  • Will have the knowledge to plan care, assess risk and develop strategies to ensure a safe environment for people with epilepsy.
  • Be able to manage seizures appropriate to type (first aid)
  • Be able to recognise the emergency situation and act appropriately
  • Understand the importance of recording seizures

All candidates who actively participate will receive a certificate of attendance.

Felt confident that the course tutor knew from experience as well as theory.

Carer - Residential Care, Gloucestershire.

Information communicated in an east to follow format, workshops cement information.

Learning Support Assistant. Lexden.